In this episode we had an amazing opportunity to talk one on one with Ms. Tracey Walker, she's a successful author, thought leader, Network Marketing ...View Details

In this special episode, we had the distinct pleasure of having with us the amazing Tulani — she has toured the world and perform with some of the big...View Details

In this special one on one episode I discussed: Becoming more agile and adaptive.  Mental health and wellness. Managing distractions. Navigating the c...View Details

We had the distinct pleasure of having with us Dr. Don Trahan, Jr, an experienced global diversity practitioner, and keynote speaker with a history of...View Details

In this special episode we had the distinct pleasure of having Jennifer Magley — not only is she the wonderful and talented daughter of retired NBA Pl...View Details

A remarkable story of resilience transported by the conviction in the healing power of God after receiving an HIV-positive diagnosis from birth.“Trans...View Details

We had the distinct pleasure of having with us Chief Nana Kweku Dakrabo I -- Business Owner, executive leadership consultant, and respected Chief from...View Details

We spent some time in this episode discussing the idea of — “Building the inner resilience to remain focused, flexible, and productive, during difficu...View Details

Mental Endurance involves developing daily habits that build mental muscle. It also involves giving up bad habits that hold you back. Think Positively...View Details

  In this very special episode, I’ll be sharing six-time tested perspectives on team development.   How Successful teams are made up of individuals wh...View Details

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